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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Rats and Mice

What is a Rodent and Why Did They Invade Your Home?

A rodent is a small mammal with a long, flat muzzle and a long tail. This definition includes rats and mice. They invade our homes because they are looking for food and shelter.

Some rodents, such as rats, will chew on wires if we leave them exposed. They will also eat or contaminate food that we leave out in the open or in the trash. Mice will also contaminate food by urinating on it or dropping feces on it. If you see any signs of rodents such as droppings, traps, chewed wires etc., please clean up the area and contact us so we can help you take care of your pest problem!

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How to Identify a Rodent Infestation

4 Places You Find Rats and Mice in Your Home

Rats and mice are pests that contaminate your home and food supply. Rats and mice can be found in many areas of your home.

What Are the Best Rodent Control Methods?

Pests can be a major problem for homeowners. They not only ruin your property, but they also pose a health risk to you and your family.

Rodents are one of the most common types of pest, and there are several ways to control them. The first way is to make sure that there is no food or water for them to consume in or near the house. This means keeping trash cans closed, keeping any pet food indoors, and cleaning up spills promptly.

The second method is to make a rodenticide mix from borax, flour, sugar or oatmeal and water then put it into small containers with holes poked in the lids. This mixture should be placed in areas which rats frequent such as under appliances or behind toilets where they will have access to it but not you!

Choose the Right Rodent Control Solution for Your Home

Rodents are a major problem for households, and without the right rodent control solution, the damage may be devastating.

Controlling rodents is important to safeguard your environment and safeguard your family. Rodent infestations can cause structural damage, create terrible smells, and spread diseases.

Different rodent control solutions are available including rat bait stations, electronic repellents, ultrasonic repellents, snap traps, sticky boards and gels. It is important to choose the right product that matches the size of your home or business.

How to Protect Your Home From Mice andRats

The problem of rodents- rats and mice- is not a new one. It's been around for centuries and the only way to get rid of it is by using traps and poisons. But what happens when you can't use these means? This is where we introduce pest control professionals to your home.

The problem: Rats and mice are a common household pest that can lead to health hazards, food contamination, property damage, and more. A rat's teeth grow continuously throughout their lifetime which causes them to need new homes frequently. They are also known carriers of many diseases that are very dangerous for humans, including the Hantavirus, Salmonella, Streptobacillusmoniliformis (rat bite fever), histoplasmosis, rat bite fever through saliva inoculation

Why You Should Consider Using a Pest Control Company

Pest control is a business that has been around for a long time. It is a service that is in high demand during the summer months when pests are looking for food and shelter from the heat. There are many parts of the country where pest control is necessary year-round, even in winter months when they hibernate.

In order to help you decide if it is worth it to have pest control contractors come to your property, there are a few things you should consider